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The Stairway Hits Hollywood!

If you are a fan of NBC’s The Biggest Loser, you know about the long standing relationship between Jacobs Ladder and the television program. Now for the upcoming 15th season , we’ve been asked to have our new Stairway join the Ladders on The Ranch! We recently sent out a team to prepare the three new units on the set. We’re all excited to see the new season and how the trainers use our latest product.IMG_1333[Read More]

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The Biggest Loser and Jacobs Ladder Connection

A lot of people ask us how we got on NBC’s Biggest Loser. Although we would like to think it is because of all the PR efforts we make after ‘Crazy Idea Days’, the real story is that the relationship started when Joe Dowdell (owner of Peak Performance in NYC) purchased a Jacobs Ladder in February of 2009. The Biggest Loser host Jillian Michaels was working out at his gym at the time and fell in love with the Ladder. When she came back to The Ranch, she put it on her Wish List. In March of 2009, we got a call requesting four Jacobs Ladders and the rest is history. Thanks Joe and Jillian for being a part of our journey!… [Read More]

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