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Jacobs Ladder for Interval Training, from a World Class Trainer

peakWe’re grateful to post here Joe Dowdell’s favorite ways to use the Jacob’s Ladder for intervals.  Joe is founder and CEO of Peak Performance in NYC.  It was Joe that first put us on the map with The Biggest Loser.  He is not only considered one of the country’s top Personal Trainers, he owns one of the top PT training gyms in the country.  [Note:  Here is a link for those of you wanting to know more about the term “RPE”.]

Favorite ways to use the Jacobs Ladder is for intervals.

For beginners, I like to use 60 seconds of work (RPE of 6-7) followed by 2 minute recovery.… [Read More]

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Anaerobic Training for Weight Loss

stopwatch2Anaerobic exercise (interval training) has been used for decades to train athletes. However, in the past several years, fitness experts have found that anaerobic exercise can be used as an important segment in weight loss. According to ExRx.net , anaerobic activity can burn 9 times as much body fat for every calorie expended as compared to aerobic exercise. Fitday.com explains why anaerobic interval training is a perfect balance for weight loss, “Working at a low aerobic level is comfortable, but it burns very few calories. Exercising at a very high energy level burns lots of calories, but you can only physically maintain that level for a few minutes before you are forced to stop.”

Here are a couple great articles that are simple, easy to understand and to the point:

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