Jacobs Ladder For Rehabilitation Fitness

Jacobs Ladder was initially designed to accommodate people who had back pain and were unable to get aerobic exercise on traditional commercial equipment. The patented design resulted in a commercial cardio machine that accommodated not only people with back issues but also people with knee, ankle and hip problems.

Jacobs Ladder automatically adjusts to your speed. The faster you go, the faster it goes. This allows the attending medical professional to ensure that the patient is not over or under worked. The readouts in Rate (Ft/Min), Distance, Calories, and Elapsed Time give the patient the ability to monitor progress over time. This means that Jacobs Ladder is great for rehabilitation fitness.

Jacobs Ladder is an ideal cardio machine for users looking to come back from an injury. Its unique design allows for a low impact workout, while still delivering results.

Workout Programs

rehabiltation fitness**Please consult your doctor or physical therapist for training programs to fit your specific rehabilitation fitness needs**

“Jacobs Ladder is an excellent tool for the rehabilitation of lower body injuries and core stabilization.”
~ Sara Kent, Physical Therapist, Ashburn, VA

Warning: Before beginning any rehabilitation fitness program you should have a complete physical examination by your physician. Consult your physician for the heart rate appropriate for your fitness condition. Exercising on Jacobs ladder may cause rapid heart rate increase. If you feel faint, develop chest pain, experience severe musculoskeletal discomfort or have difficulty breathing, terminate the exercise session immediately and consult a physician. Failure to do so may result in a serious bodily injury or death.