Don’t Approach Training on the Jacobs Ladder Like Other Cardio Equipment

Received the following comment on our YouTube channel:

“I used (Jacobs Ladder) for the first time today at the gym and it was a killer.  I only did 3 minutes with my hands on the side bars.  My next goal is to reach 4 minutes and try to use the rungs.”

We love the fact that this user likes Jacobs Ladder and has set some goals.  But please don’t get the impression that after 3 minutes, the normal person is exhausted.  Many first time users will take off on Jacobs Ladder and try going the same cadence they would on an Elliptical machine.  On an Elliptical, you are pushing against a clutch.  On Jacobs Ladder, you are lifting your entire body weight over a 12″ step.  Maybe you’ve seen some of the remarkable videos of athletes going really fast on the Ladder.  Trust us, they make it look easy.  So we tell people all of the time, if you are not a training athlete, slow down.  Start out at 50-60 feet per minute.  It will seem slow at first but you will get a feel for the intensity and the movement.  Once you do, you can go any speed/distance combination that you like.

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 3.13.24 PM


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