These are the stories that make us LOVE what we do!

“My 8.5 year old son has Autism Spectrum Disorder and recently began a physical therapy program at our local gym. They happen to have one of your wonderful machines there and I thought that it would be a good thing for him to try as it has good hand over hand exercise which stimulates the brain in kids and best of all it works at his speed. It has been the best thing ever! He loves it. A lot of kids with ASD like deep muscle pressure and stimulation, it makes them feel calmer, centered and more in control. I think your machine inadvertently delivers exactly that. My boy has a deep pressure rug that is his life saver, he uses when he feels he is beginning to flip out or feel stressed, he said that your machine feels better than his rug which is very high praise indeed.¬†Many parents of ASD kids are like me, constantly looking for something sporty and physical that their kids can and will do but very rarely do we find something that our kids completely love straight off the bat. Normally we have to do months of preparation, lots of build up and then when we can finally get them to the actual activity, we stay for small blocks of time and increase this as the kids get used to it (and often with large amounts of bribery). All in all a very long and drawn out process. My son took to this machine in sixty seconds and the light came on in his eyes, like nothing I have seen before. He surely cant be the only one. He said if he had his own machine, he would never get off it :)” – Gini Tangira of Queensland, Australia

Thank you so much for this amazing story, Gini! We shared it with all of our staff and we’re all very pleased that your son loves the Jacobs Ladder and that it also helps him when he needs it too. These are the stories that make us LOVE what we do.