Jacobs Ladder Extreme Climbing. A Good or Bad Thing?

987356_badge_isolatedMany people write emails to us asking why we don’t hold online competitions on our machines. The reason is that we are a company based on the philosophy of making people healthier. Although we would like to encourage people to reach their personal fitness goals (and sometimes a little competitive motivation is a good thing), we don’t want them to over-extend beyond what is beneficial for their body. Be careful when comparing your personal limits to what others report and always trust the advice from your personal trainer or therapist. Having said that, we have had people email us with some remarkable accomplishments on Jacobs Ladder. Jeremy Levine (Navy SEALS trainer) has gone 3,300 feet in 30 minutes. One University of Rhode Island soccer player went 470 feet in 3 minutes. and Casey Gilvin (Fort Bragg, NC) recently reported one soldier going 500 feet in 3 minutes and 7,200 feet in an hour. Although we can’t “certify” these accounts, these are the most impressive numbers that we have heard about from trusted sources.

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