Is Jacobs Ladder Hard On Your Back?

We get the question all of the time at trade shows, “Isn’t Jacobs Ladder hard on your back?”. Actually, it’s the opposite. Jacobs Ladder is designed to not only take stress off of the lower back, but is designed to strengthen those areas of the back that are liable to de-stabilization and injury. Let me explain.

Most ladders you climb are pitched at a steep angle. The reason we designed the Jacobs Ladder at a mild 40 degree angle is to place the spine in a more neutral position and take stress off of the lower back. The workout is also low impact for the back, maintaining a positive climbing motion so there is no ‘bouncing’ that you may see on a treadmill or elliptical machine. In addition to that, the opposing arm/leg motion of the climb not only engages the core muscles but also works the stabilization muscles around the spine.

If you have ever had a severe back injury, one of the initial exercises that the physical therapist will give you is a crawling motion on the floor. This is essentially the same concept. Crawling works the stabilization muscles around the spine. For this reason, many physical therapists and chiropractors are customers of Jacobs Ladder. This includes Gary Gray, the renown physical therapist often referred to as the Father of Functional Fitness.

You can watch below another one of our clients using Jacobs Ladder to rehab after back surgery We did not create this video, she did.

As most people are aware, there is no one tool that is perfect for all ailments. Consult with your PT or doctor to find out what is the right equipment for you.


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