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Peak Aerobic and Anaerobic Conditioning with Jacobs Ladder.

Jacobs Ladder provides the most efficient exercise for those serious about conditioning. Unlike most cardio machines, this patented treadmill climber utilizes low impact, high range of motion exercise to provide a superior cardio workout to both the upper and lower body.

Jacobs Ladder is an innovative cardio machine with ladder-type rungs on a non-motorized continuous treadmill. It’s self-paced, so the faster you go, the faster it goes. Jacobs Ladder is preferred by pro football teams, the FBI, the Army, the Navy, West Point and numerous Division I universities to improve their strength and conditioning programs

jacobs ladder cardio machine
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Jacobs Ladder Cardio Machine Specifications

Frame: Welded Tubular Steel
Width: 31.25”
Length: 76”
Height: 65.5”
Weight: 325 lbs
Rungs: Solid Maple
Case: ABS/Polyethylene
Power: Self-Powered
Ceiling Height Requirement: 7.5 Feet
Digital Readouts: Elapsed Time, Feet Climbed, Rate (Feet/Min), Calorie Burn, Heart Rate (using chest strap)
Warranty: 4 Years Parts / 1 Year Labor
jacobs ladder cardio machine specs chart
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We know why. Hundreds of health clubs, universities and professional sports teams know why. See for yourself why Jacobs Ladder beats all other cardio machines.


man standing next to jacobs ladder cardio machine
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“The fastest way to get the heart rate up to target with the least effort.
-Jerry Lisson, Satisfied Customer


“The increased muscle mass involved in the Ladder exercise accounts
for higher energy expenditures than any other machine.”
–Dr. Frank Cerny Ph.D., Exercise Physiologist


“I think it is the best piece of equipment on the market for conditioning.
–Tom Shaw, NFL Speed Coach, Tom Shaw Speed Camp


“Nothing helps develop a better core body base than Jacobs Ladder.”
–Doug Stone, Strength Coach, University of Rhode Island


“Jacobs Ladder is the best aerobic / anaerobic machine known to man.”
–Dave Salum, Director of Fitness US Navy Supply School


This machine is amazing. It is our most talked about piece of equipment.”
– Nikki Castenada, Owner, Golden Gate Fitness

Weight Loss

A unique fitness experience for anyone looking for weight control, while mixing up your routine.

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Intermediate and advanced training for athletes who are serious about getting in game peak shape.

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Jacobs Ladder is an ideal cardio machine for users looking to come back from an injury.

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Military/ Fire/ Police

Intense anaerobic or aerobic workouts simulating actual challenges that military, fire, and policement face every day.

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jacobs ladder cardio machine workouts
view cardio machine workout plan details
view cardio machine workout plan details
view cardio machine workout plan details
view cardio machine workout plan details
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