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Fusion Physical Therapy & Sports Performance

“We currently have a Jacobs Ladder and absolutely love it. Fusion Physical Therapy & Sports Performance was actually written up in the NY Post and they mentioned how killer the Jacobs Ladder is! Since then we have received multiple phone calls in regards to training on it.” – Madalyn Marsh from Fusion PT and Sports Performance
Great to hear that you love the Jacobs Ladder! Thanks for mentioning us!
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These are the stories that make us LOVE what we do!

“My 8.5 year old son has Autism Spectrum Disorder and recently began a physical therapy program at our local gym. They happen to have one of your wonderful machines there and I thought that it would be a good thing for him to try as it has good hand over hand exercise which stimulates the brain in kids and best of all it works at his speed. It has been the best thing ever! He loves it. A lot of kids with ASD like deep muscle pressure and stimulation, it makes them feel calmer, centered and more in control. I think your machine inadvertently delivers exactly that. My boy has a deep pressure rug that is his life saver, he uses when he feels he is beginning to flip out or feel stressed, he said that your machine feels better than his rug which is very high praise indeed. … [Read More]

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The Holy Grail

“My background is that I *hate* most exercise equipment. Most of it doesn’t seem like it’s built for human beings to exercise on. Rather, it’s more like somebody built the equipment to satisfy some mathematical model of some elliptical curve, and then said “now all we need is some people to agree to get inside of this and move against it.” Instead of helping you build a tolerance for pushing your natural abilities, most equipment requires that you build a tolerance to the use of the equipment. The Jacobs Ladder is probably the most elegant design I’ve encountered in any exercise machine, and that simplicity alone is a great selling point.… [Read More]

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Climbing 100 Stories A Day !

Catherine Ray wrote to us last year about her goal to reach 80 stories on the Jacobs Ladder and just wrote to us again about how she has now reached 100 stories a day !!

“Well this year I am 81 and still “enjoying” Jacobs Ladder, only I climb to the top of a one hundred story skyscraper six days a week.. (Engineers tell me a story is 10 feet.) It takes me 18 minutes and I rest a minute every 5 minutes but when I finish I am ready to face the day! Thanks again.” – Catherine

Awesome results Catherine! Keep up the good work!… [Read More]

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Achieving Goals

“I have been using Jacob’s Ladder three times a week for the past four years.  The first time I used it I decided to see how long it would take me to reach 1,000 feet.  It took me over 17 minutes.   Lately I’ve just been seeing how much I can do in 20 minutes, without stopping and without holding the rails.  A few weeks ago I managed 1930 feet, and I realized that I was within 5% of reaching 2000 feet.  I really never thought it would be possible reach that goal but I did it today.  I’m 48 years old 40 lbs. lighter than when I started.  I really can’t thank you enough for this machine.”

Dr.… [Read More]

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“The Healer’s” Extreme Testimonial Video

A few years back we got a call from a customer to order a Jacobs Ladder. They had told us that one of the reasons they purchased was because of the ‘guy’ on that did a great job of describing Jacobs Ladder and how it works. At that time, we had only put our promotional video on YouTube. Upon investigation, we found Martin McLoughlin of Extreme Fitness in Fallsington, PA. Martin (who calls himself “The Healer”) has a great comeback story and is not only a great guy but an excellent trainer. Since that time, we have become friends and use his original video to show people how Jacobs Ladder works and how it can be used.… [Read More]

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