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Interview with Ex Marine Carl Roberts on his bulking workout routine and how dedication and flexibility are the keys to making successful physical changes that last.

Wonder how one prepares to play the role of Iron Man? This article discusses how Downey transformed himself on and off screen with the help of a fitness professional. Also, a major part of his cardio routine was the Jacobs Ladder!

Personal Trainers answer questions to shed light on the method behind their madness. What is the number one training mistake you see people make?… [Read More]

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Jacobs Ladder Used to Train Olympic Athletes


With the Winter Olympics opening this week in Sochi, US athletes are climbing into top condition on Jacobs Ladders. Olympic athletes who train at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO have been using Jacobs Ladder to train since 2011. Many more use it in their personal training sessions. The Low-Impact, High Intensity nature of Jacobs Ladder offers high level athletes a way of building anaerobic capacity and fast muscle twitch without beating up joints. The results have been so good that the USOC just ordered 4 more Jacobs Ladders two weeks ago. GO TEAM USA!!!!!… [Read More]

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Jacobs Ladder at the Athletic Business Conference

We exhibited at the AB Conference in San Diego this year. This has been our 10th year in a row at ABC. It was a great show, as we got to see many old friends and also met some great new friends. The Stairway was very well received as one of the very few self-powered stair climbers. Got a chance to talk to the guys from Woodway Treadmills and Pat O’Dell from Life Fitness. Looking forward to IHRSA this year again at San Diego (one of the most beautiful cities in the country) !



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Why Professional Athletes are Running to the Jacobs Ladder

IM000248.JPGThe baseball season may be over, but in recent weeks Daniel Straily (Pitcher for Oakland A’s), Jason Grilli (Pitcher for Pittsburgh Pirates) and Wade Davis (Pitcher for Kansas City Royals) have either purchased Jacobs Ladder or been quoted as using Jacobs Ladder to improve their performance. Weight management and leg power are reasons why baseball players, and especially pitchers, are moving to Jacobs Ladder.

Our most interesting talk was with Daniel Straily. Daniel said that he has been addicted to Jacobs Ladder ever since his days at Marshall University. When he got to Marshall as a junior college transfer, he weighed in at a beefy 250 lbs.… [Read More]

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