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“The Healer’s” Extreme Testimonial Video

A few years back we got a call from a customer to order a Jacobs Ladder. They had told us that one of the reasons they purchased was because of the ‘guy’ on that did a great job of describing Jacobs Ladder and how it works. At that time, we had only put our promotional video on YouTube. Upon investigation, we found Martin McLoughlin of Extreme Fitness in Fallsington, PA. Martin (who calls himself “The Healer”) has a great comeback story and is not only a great guy but an excellent trainer. Since that time, we have become friends and use his original video to show people how Jacobs Ladder works and how it can be used.… [Read More]

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GSA Customers Purchase JL Through LifeFitness

Life Fitness logoJacobs Ladder and LifeFitness have entered into a Teaming Agreement for sales into the GSA market.  Now, GSA customers can purchase Jacobs Ladder through the LifeFitness GSA Sales Team.  For more information, call either Bob Palka at 716.692.1455 or Pat O’Dell at 240. 925-8731… [Read More]

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Jacobs Ladder a Big Success at FIBO

JL_FIBOAlthough Jacobs Ladder has been shipping into the European market for over 5 years now, this marks the first time Jacobs Ladder has exhibited at FIBO, which is the largest fitness trade show in the world. To give you an idea, FIBO is over 6 times as large as IHRSA (the largest fitness trade show in North America). We were located in Hall 6 and got the opportunity to showcase not only Jacobs Ladder but Jacobs Ladder 2 and the brand new Stairway. With over 30,000 attendees, the show was fantastic ! The reception of all three products was outstanding and people loved the simplicity and effectiveness of our products.… [Read More]

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The Biggest Compliment From A Biggest Loser Contestant

imagesIt’s been thrilling to watch another season of The Biggest Loser on NBC. One of the finalists, Gina McDonald, lost 113 pounds on the show and took home a $100,000 prize. She recently shared her journey at and remarked how she was even cured of diabetes through the program.

In the article she paid us one of the biggest complements:

“My new favorite exercise is the Jacob’s Ladder. I used to watch old episodes and cringe as Jillian Michaels would put people on there for what seemed like hours! I went into the gym and faced it, and now I can’t get enough.”

Way to go Gina! Keep up the journey!… [Read More]

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Make Your Body Like Iron Man

Speaking of Functional Training, Dr. Brad Bose stopped by our booth at IHRSA this year. Brad has become a close friend and is one of the sharpest minds in the fitness industry. From coaching a national championship football team in Sweden, to getting Robert Downey Jr. ready for his role in the Marvel movie “Iron Man”, Brad has an unprecedented diversity in the health and wellness industry.

We wanted to share a cool quote from an KABC-TV news article published during the release of the first Iron Man movie. It demonstrate the unique aerobic/anaerobic capabilities of the Jacobs Ladder machine.… [Read More]

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Is Functional Training Right For You?

Finding balance through fitnessI used to train for performance. Now, at age 50, I exercise so that I can continue to do the things that I enjoy and to keep my good health as long as possible. Although I can’t say with certainty that regular exercise will extend your life (my Polish grandmother lived until 85 and her only exercise was making pierogi!), I am convinced it will improve the quality of your life. Here is a helpful article from the Mayo Clinic on the many benefits of “Functional Exercise“.

As the article nicely states, functional exercises “are designed to train and develop your muscles to make it easier and safer to perform everyday activities, such as carrying groceries or playing a game of basketball with your kids.” Although these exercises are obviously ideal for non-athletes and those in rehab, functional training has become a buzzword in the sports gyms across America.… [Read More]

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Metabolic Project Cardio Circuit Producing Big Results in L.A.


I got a chance last week to catch up with my friend Todd Person of Metabolic Project.  Located in Los Angeles,  Metabolic Project is a boutique personal training facility which caters to elite athletes from the high school level up to the biggest stars in the professional ranks.  In my opinion, Todd is one of the most sincere and intelligent people in the industry.  Todd’s been a big fan of the Jacobs Ladder for over five years now and, in turn, we love his creative approach to training.  For example, he mentioned to me how Metabolic Project has shown amazing results for their clients by connecting Jacobs Ladder with Woodway Treadmills and the Quadmill in a cardio circuit. … [Read More]

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Jacobs Ladder is Now a Gold’s Gym Preferred Vendor

goldsIt’s exciting to watch the Jacobs Ladder movement spread to gyms and training facilities throughout the United States.   Today we are pleased to announce that Jacobs Ladder LLC has become a Preferred Vendor to Gold’s Gym (GGI).   Gold’s Gym has over 650 locations in 30 countries and 36 states – and as a preferred vendor, Jacobs Ladder is now available in all of those locations.  With over 3.5 million members globally, we are proud to be part of the Gold’s Gym family!!”… [Read More]

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Welcome to the new Jacobs Ladder website! now features more products, a twitter feed, new videos and this blog. In the upcoming weeks we will be launching a brand new APP with several exclusive features to help your workout. Welcome to the Jacobs Ladder family !

The newest product we are excited to Introduce here is the Stairway. We saw the need in the market for a lower priced, more reliable stair climber. So, we took our airflow technology and reliable drive train and created the Stairway. Check out the Features and Specs for more about this one of a kind machine. Call us to find out more at 716.692.1455 or [email protected].… [Read More]

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Custom Training Programs

“You guys have done your homework on this machine. It has become an integral part of our training program.”
~ Chip Morton, Strength & Conditioning Coach of the Cincinnati Bengals

Trainers who work with professional and amateur athletes LOVE the Jacobs Ladder for its unique ability to offer self-paced aerobic and anaerobic workouts. While we offer detailed training programs on our website (Weight Loss, Cardio, Rehabilitation and for Military/ Fire/ Police) we encourage trainers to send us their own customized programs as well.

Here’s a couple submissions that we have received from trainer and health club owners.[Read More]

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