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Jacobs Ladder Preparing MMA Athletes for the Big Fight

With a perfect blend of high intensity cardio and anaerobic core strengthening, Jacobs Ladder is fast becoming a favorite training device among mixed martial arts fighters. High-end MMA training facilities, such as Jaco Hybrid Training Center in Boca Raton, have fallen in love with the way Jacobs Ladder offers high intensity intervals like no other machine on the market. And just as JL pushes athletes to their limits, extreme fitness groups like MMA fighters and the Military Special Forces give the machine a pretty good workout too. These men and women are some of the hardest JL users on the planet, routinely climbing over 200 feet per minute in a workout, and proving the ultra-durability of our machines over and over again.… [Read More]

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Jacobs Ladder Extreme Climbing. A Good or Bad Thing?

987356_badge_isolatedMany people write emails to us asking why we don’t hold online competitions on our machines. The reason is that we are a company based on the philosophy of making people healthier. Although we would like to encourage people to reach their personal fitness goals (and sometimes a little competitive motivation is a good thing), we don’t want them to over-extend beyond what is beneficial for their body. Be careful when comparing your personal limits to what others report and always trust the advice from your personal trainer or therapist. Having said that, we have had people email us with some remarkable accomplishments on Jacobs Ladder.… [Read More]

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Army Excited About New Jacobs Ladders at Ft. Drum

size0“And do not underestimate the Jacobs Ladder. It is a mean one.”
– Sgt. Marco Pena

We don’t usually think of Jacobs Ladder as a ‘mean one’.  We like to think of it as the best cardiovascular workout you can get in the amount of time spent.  But, if Sgt. Marco Pena of Fort Drum, NY wants to call it a ‘mean one’, then who are we to argue?  Recently, Fort Drum purchased 20 Jacobs Ladder for their newest fitness facility bringing the total number of Jacobs Ladders at that site to 25.  This is the second most Jacobs Ladders at any one military facility that we know of.  … [Read More]

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