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LSU Study proves “Its easier to work harder on Jacobs Ladder”

LSU Study proves “Its easier to work harder on Jacobs Ladder”

A study just completed at Louisiana State University has concluded with statistically significant data that Jacobs Ladder uses less RPE (Relative Perceived Exertion) while offering a greater Energy Expenditure (Calorie Burn) and lower impact on joints than a similar workout on a treadmill.

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Why Professional Athletes are Running to the Jacobs Ladder

IM000248.JPGThe baseball season may be over, but in recent weeks Daniel Straily (Pitcher for Oakland A’s), Jason Grilli (Pitcher for Pittsburgh Pirates) and Wade Davis (Pitcher for Kansas City Royals) have either purchased Jacobs Ladder or been quoted as using Jacobs Ladder to improve their performance. Weight management and leg power are reasons why baseball players, and especially pitchers, are moving to Jacobs Ladder.

Our most interesting talk was with Daniel Straily. Daniel said that he has been addicted to Jacobs Ladder ever since his days at Marshall University. When he got to Marshall as a junior college transfer, he weighed in at a beefy 250 lbs.… [Read More]

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A “Customer for Life”

Got the following email from a Gold’s Gym owner the other day:

“First off I am extremely impressed with you and your companies customer service. The way you handled this situation is first class. It is nice to do business with you and your company. I am a customer for life. – Bob Rawlins, Gold’s Gym, Manassas, VA”

Thanks Bob! It’s why we work hard to improve our product and our service every day.… [Read More]

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Paul Pierce and the Boston Celtics

200px-Boston_Celtics.svgIn 2007, we got a call from Walter Norton (Strength Coach at the time) from the Boston Celtics to order a Jacobs Ladder. We would like to think this was the major reason for their NBA Championship in 2008 (and that it had nothing to do with getting Garnett and Allen). In 2011, we got another call from current Strength Coach Bryan Doo requesting a Jacobs Ladder for star forward Paul Pierce in his new home in Calabassas, CA. A 2010 Wall Street Journal article added the following:

Mr. Pierce also uses the Jacobs Ladder, a machine that looks like a ladder tilted at a 40-degree angle. The angle takes stress off of the lower back and the faster Mr.… [Read More]

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The Biggest Loser and Jacobs Ladder Connection

A lot of people ask us how we got on NBC’s Biggest Loser. Although we would like to think it is because of all the PR efforts we make after ‘Crazy Idea Days’, the real story is that the relationship started when Joe Dowdell (owner of Peak Performance in NYC) purchased a Jacobs Ladder in February of 2009. The Biggest Loser host Jillian Michaels was working out at his gym at the time and fell in love with the Ladder. When she came back to The Ranch, she put it on her Wish List. In March of 2009, we got a call requesting four Jacobs Ladders and the rest is history. Thanks Joe and Jillian for being a part of our journey!… [Read More]

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Jacobs Ladder Extreme Climbing. A Good or Bad Thing?

987356_badge_isolatedMany people write emails to us asking why we don’t hold online competitions on our machines. The reason is that we are a company based on the philosophy of making people healthier. Although we would like to encourage people to reach their personal fitness goals (and sometimes a little competitive motivation is a good thing), we don’t want them to over-extend beyond what is beneficial for their body. Be careful when comparing your personal limits to what others report and always trust the advice from your personal trainer or therapist. Having said that, we have had people email us with some remarkable accomplishments on Jacobs Ladder.… [Read More]

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Army Excited About New Jacobs Ladders at Ft. Drum

size0“And do not underestimate the Jacobs Ladder. It is a mean one.”
– Sgt. Marco Pena

We don’t usually think of Jacobs Ladder as a ‘mean one’.  We like to think of it as the best cardiovascular workout you can get in the amount of time spent.  But, if Sgt. Marco Pena of Fort Drum, NY wants to call it a ‘mean one’, then who are we to argue?  Recently, Fort Drum purchased 20 Jacobs Ladder for their newest fitness facility bringing the total number of Jacobs Ladders at that site to 25.  This is the second most Jacobs Ladders at any one military facility that we know of.  … [Read More]

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Is Jacobs Ladder Hard On Your Back?

We get the question all of the time at trade shows, “Isn’t Jacobs Ladder hard on your back?”. Actually, it’s the opposite. Jacobs Ladder is designed to not only take stress off of the lower back, but is designed to strengthen those areas of the back that are liable to de-stabilization and injury. Let me explain.

Most ladders you climb are pitched at a steep angle. The reason we designed the Jacobs Ladder at a mild 40 degree angle is to place the spine in a more neutral position and take stress off of the lower back. The workout is also low impact for the back, maintaining a positive climbing motion so there is no ‘bouncing’ that you may see on a treadmill or elliptical machine.… [Read More]

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The GI Joe Workout Trains You Like an Action Hero

Want to train like a Hollywood action star? recently profiled Platoon Fitness founder Mike Smaltz, who was asked by Paramount Pictures to develop the GI Joe Workout in honor of their recent movie GI Joe: Retaliation .

In the article, Mike shares, “So here’s how it works: There are 10 exercises on the to-do list. You’re generally on a team of 2-3 people and you’re racing against the clock. The first exercise is to complete 500 feet as a team on the Jacobs Ladder, and your last exercise is a ¼ mile hill sprint done by the whole team. The other eight exercises on the list can be completed in any order, so if someone on your team is feeling weak in the legs after 25 “loaded slides,” then it might be a good idea to tackle the 30 pull-ups next – you get the jist?”

Way to go Mike!… [Read More]

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The Biggest Compliment From A Biggest Loser Contestant

imagesIt’s been thrilling to watch another season of The Biggest Loser on NBC. One of the finalists, Gina McDonald, lost 113 pounds on the show and took home a $100,000 prize. She recently shared her journey at and remarked how she was even cured of diabetes through the program.

In the article she paid us one of the biggest complements:

“My new favorite exercise is the Jacob’s Ladder. I used to watch old episodes and cringe as Jillian Michaels would put people on there for what seemed like hours! I went into the gym and faced it, and now I can’t get enough.”

Way to go Gina! Keep up the journey!… [Read More]

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