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These are the stories that make us LOVE what we do!

“My 8.5 year old son has Autism Spectrum Disorder and recently began a physical therapy program at our local gym. They happen to have one of your wonderful machines there and I thought that it would be a good thing for him to try as it has good hand over hand exercise which stimulates the brain in kids and best of all it works at his speed. It has been the best thing ever! He loves it. A lot of kids with ASD like deep muscle pressure and stimulation, it makes them feel calmer, centered and more in control. I think your machine inadvertently delivers exactly that. My boy has a deep pressure rug that is his life saver, he uses when he feels he is beginning to flip out or feel stressed, he said that your machine feels better than his rug which is very high praise indeed. … [Read More]

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Take the Jacobs Ladder “Climb Mt. Everest Challenge”!


Jacobs Ladder is excited to announce we’ve partnered with select Anytime Fitness™ and Gold’s Gym™ locations for an awesome new cross-promotion: The “Climb Mt. Everest Challenge”. The rules are simple. Mt. Everest is the highest peak in the world at 29,035 feet above sea level. Individuals at participating gyms who climb this distance cumulatively on Jacobs Ladder will receive a FREE “I Climbed Mt. Everest” T-shirt, as well as an official “Congratulations” for both them and their gym on our social media sites for reaching the goal. After all, it’s not every day that somebody climbs the elevation of the tallest mountain in the world!… [Read More]

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Jacobs Ladder Used to Train Olympic Athletes


With the Winter Olympics opening this week in Sochi, US athletes are climbing into top condition on Jacobs Ladders. Olympic athletes who train at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO have been using Jacobs Ladder to train since 2011. Many more use it in their personal training sessions. The Low-Impact, High Intensity nature of Jacobs Ladder offers high level athletes a way of building anaerobic capacity and fast muscle twitch without beating up joints. The results have been so good that the USOC just ordered 4 more Jacobs Ladders two weeks ago. GO TEAM USA!!!!!… [Read More]

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Stairway – Differences between Stairway and other stair climbers:

When we decided to design a stair climber three years ago, we did it because we felt like we had an opportunity to offer the same Jacobs Ladder technology in a stair machine. However, today, there are a number of stair climbers out there, some good, some not so good. The Stairway offers a self-powered, self-paced workout. Just like on Jacobs Ladder, you control your own speed. It has a lower step height than other commercial stair climbers and a lower ceiling height requirement. It has a normal 8.5 “ step with 4 stairs visible to the user. It carries a 4 Year Parts, 1 Year Labor Warranty and is a lower cost than other commercial stair machines.… [Read More]

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How Jacobs Ladder Works

Why, when you climb higher on a Jacobs Ladder (and the Stairway), do the rungs come faster? Answer: It is the same reason that a curve ball curves and an airplane flies (GOT YOUR ATTENTION). It is called Bernouli’s Equation (LOST YOUR ATTENTION). Actually, engineers and physicists get a charge out of this and since I am one of those knuckleheads, I get a charge out of it to. Bernouli’s Equation merely says, in part, that as air molecules move faster, the pressure drops. For an airplane, the air molecules above the plane wing are forced to move faster than the ones below. The atmosphere then pushes the plane up.… [Read More]

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Jacobs Ladder vs JL2: Which is the best fit for the home gym or small office?


When we learned Jacobs Ladder was going to be on NBC’s Biggest Loser, we knew that we needed to come up with a product that fit better in the home and was more affordable to individual buyers. So, we took Jacobs Ladder cardio machine (used by professional training centers worldwide) and rather than making it cheaper and smaller, we focused on simply reducing the width and removing some hi-end features to bring down the cost. Specifically, we narrowed the base width from 31.25″ to 27.25″ so it would fit through most doorways. We swapped out the Maple Rungs to a Steel Rung with Polyurethane Sleeve.… [Read More]

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JL Exercise app Version 1.1 lets you track your daily progress on Jacobs Ladder

An updated version 1.1 of JL Exercise app for iPad has just been released on the iPad App Store. This new release features an interactive workout journal that you can use to track your daily progress after working out on Jacobs Ladder. The JL Exercise app is the perfect tool to view workout routines, track your results, hear what others are saying, and to learn about all the cool features each of our cardio machines offer.

Find out more information here:

Download the new App to make the most out of your workouts on Jacobs Ladder and share with all your friends!… [Read More]

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Jacobs Ladder Receiving Top Feedback at Military Demo

Our friends at Life Fitness have been running a Jacobs Ladder trial at Fort Eustis. As we’ve stated before , the men and women in the U.S. Army are some of the most aggressive users of our equipment. Here is the feedback so far:

“As you know, we started the demo at our Anderson Field House back in June. We then moved the unit to our new fitness annex where it has been since mid-July. Effective yesterday, we moved the unit to our McClellan Fitness Center. By the time you decide to pick it up, it’ll have spent some time at all our facilities. We are still tracking at 93% positive feedback (one of the best demo performances we’ve ever had).”[Read More]

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The Stairway Hits Hollywood!

If you are a fan of NBC’s The Biggest Loser, you know about the long standing relationship between Jacobs Ladder and the television program. Now for the upcoming 15th season , we’ve been asked to have our new Stairway join the Ladders on The Ranch! We recently sent out a team to prepare the three new units on the set. We’re all excited to see the new season and how the trainers use our latest product.IMG_1333[Read More]

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Jacobs Ladder is a Preferred Vendor to Anytime Fitness 

anytime-fitness-logoLast week, Anytime Fitness named Jacobs Ladder LLC as a Preferred Supplier to all 2000+ AF locations. Now, all Anytime Fitness franchises can take advantage of corporate pricing for both Jacobs Ladder and the Stairway.… [Read More]

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