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JL Exercise app Version 1.1 lets you track your daily progress on Jacobs Ladder

An updated version 1.1 of JL Exercise app for iPad has just been released on the iPad App Store. This new release features an interactive workout journal that you can use to track your daily progress after working out on Jacobs Ladder. The JL Exercise app is the perfect tool to view workout routines, track your results, hear what others are saying, and to learn about all the cool features each of our cardio machines offer.

Find out more information here:

Download the new App to make the most out of your workouts on Jacobs Ladder and share with all your friends!… [Read More]

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Don’t Approach Training on the Jacobs Ladder Like Other Cardio Equipment

Received the following comment on our YouTube channel:

“I used (Jacobs Ladder) for the first time today at the gym and it was a killer.  I only did 3 minutes with my hands on the side bars.  My next goal is to reach 4 minutes and try to use the rungs.”

We love the fact that this user likes Jacobs Ladder and has set some goals.  But please don’t get the impression that after 3 minutes, the normal person is exhausted.  Many first time users will take off on Jacobs Ladder and try going the same cadence they would on an Elliptical machine.  On an Elliptical, you are pushing against a clutch.  … [Read More]

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Jacobs Ladder Receiving Top Feedback at Military Demo

Our friends at Life Fitness have been running a Jacobs Ladder trial at Fort Eustis. As we’ve stated before , the men and women in the U.S. Army are some of the most aggressive users of our equipment. Here is the feedback so far:

“As you know, we started the demo at our Anderson Field House back in June. We then moved the unit to our new fitness annex where it has been since mid-July. Effective yesterday, we moved the unit to our McClellan Fitness Center. By the time you decide to pick it up, it’ll have spent some time at all our facilities. We are still tracking at 93% positive feedback (one of the best demo performances we’ve ever had).”[Read More]

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The Stairway Hits Hollywood!

If you are a fan of NBC’s The Biggest Loser, you know about the long standing relationship between Jacobs Ladder and the television program. Now for the upcoming 15th season , we’ve been asked to have our new Stairway join the Ladders on The Ranch! We recently sent out a team to prepare the three new units on the set. We’re all excited to see the new season and how the trainers use our latest product.IMG_1333[Read More]

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Watch NHL Star Go 128 Rungs In 30 Seconds

Here’s some great video on Watch Kris Letang from the Pittsburgh Penguins complete a super fast 30 second interval on Jacobs Ladder at Jon Chaimberg’s facility in Montreal, Quebec. Wow, those are some fast feet!

Screen shot 2013-08-23 at 9.21.14 AM[Read More]

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Jacobs Ladder is a Preferred Vendor to Anytime Fitness 

anytime-fitness-logoLast week, Anytime Fitness named Jacobs Ladder LLC as a Preferred Supplier to all 2000+ AF locations. Now, all Anytime Fitness franchises can take advantage of corporate pricing for both Jacobs Ladder and the Stairway.… [Read More]

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Jacobs Ladder Preparing MMA Athletes for the Big Fight

With a perfect blend of high intensity cardio and anaerobic core strengthening, Jacobs Ladder is fast becoming a favorite training device among mixed martial arts fighters. High-end MMA training facilities, such as Jaco Hybrid Training Center in Boca Raton, have fallen in love with the way Jacobs Ladder offers high intensity intervals like no other machine on the market. And just as JL pushes athletes to their limits, extreme fitness groups like MMA fighters and the Military Special Forces give the machine a pretty good workout too. These men and women are some of the hardest JL users on the planet, routinely climbing over 200 feet per minute in a workout, and proving the ultra-durability of our machines over and over again.… [Read More]

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A “Customer for Life”

Got the following email from a Gold’s Gym owner the other day:

“First off I am extremely impressed with you and your companies customer service. The way you handled this situation is first class. It is nice to do business with you and your company. I am a customer for life. – Bob Rawlins, Gold’s Gym, Manassas, VA”

Thanks Bob! It’s why we work hard to improve our product and our service every day.… [Read More]

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Jacobs Ladder for Interval Training, from a World Class Trainer

peakWe’re grateful to post here Joe Dowdell’s favorite ways to use the Jacob’s Ladder for intervals.  Joe is founder and CEO of Peak Performance in NYC.  It was Joe that first put us on the map with The Biggest Loser.  He is not only considered one of the country’s top Personal Trainers, he owns one of the top PT training gyms in the country.  [Note:  Here is a link for those of you wanting to know more about the term “RPE”.]

Favorite ways to use the Jacobs Ladder is for intervals.

For beginners, I like to use 60 seconds of work (RPE of 6-7) followed by 2 minute recovery.… [Read More]

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The Stairway Workout Shirts Now Available

Stairway-t-shirt-ad-sidebarNow you can have the coolest shirt in the gym and represent the best stairclimber on the planet! The Stairway workout shirts now available a special $17.99 price and sold only through

 … [Read More]

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